Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery

Many people these days are suffering from the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition is life interfering and sometimes even wearing a wrist brace seems to be of no help at all. When these traditional methods fail it is then that patients turn to carpal tunnel surgery. The procedure might seem complicated but the fact is that theĀ Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery is quite a simple process.

Causes of carpal tunnel

Before you set to know about carpal tunnel surgery recovery it will be helpful if you first get a good knowledge of the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition is caused when the very vital median nerve experiences excess amount of pressure. The median nerve is located in the interior of your wrist. This condition can occur as a result of a wide variety of factors such as fractured bones, arthritis, pregnancy, diabetes, etc. However, the most common reason for the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome is second rate posture while working.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery RecoveryThe surgical process

The operation of the carpal tunnel is a kind of surgery with the help of which the excess pressure over the median nerve is eliminated. This surgery requires the doctor to cut a clear cut incision on the bottom of your palm or wrist. The entire surgical process is pretty simple indeed and does not take a lot of time. TheĀ Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery time period is about one month or a little more than that.

Few important tips

While you are undergoing carpal tunnel surgery recovery and are recovering then you can follow a few important tips that will be beneficial for you. Though it may be obvious if you experience any sort of sharp painful feeling or any unusual sensation you must report it to your physician as soon as possible. Any kind of delay can result in serious consequences, thus, even a minor pain should never be neglected during carpal tunnel surgery recovery time period.

Acute pain is often considered to be a normal thing after the very first week of the surgery, but in normal circumstances the pain should alleviate after the body recovers with time. Just in case you are having any kind of doubts regarding your condition then it is vital that you go in for a consultation with your physician as early as possible. Get your wrist checked thoroughly by your doctor so that there is no chance of any sort of complications.

It is advisable that during your carpal tunnel surgery recovery period you should keep all your activities limited as much as possible at least during the first initial weeks. Many physicians advise patients to keep their hands elevated above the level of your chest in order to lessen the chances of inflammation or swelling. After the first two weeks have passed after the carpal tunnel surgery your doctor is likely to remove the sutures. Usually, it is seen that in most cases, a brace is fitted in the wrist so that the wrist remains in a still condition throughout the carpal tunnel surgery recovery time period. This brace of the wrist helps in the quick healing of your condition. Therefore the wrist brace is often considered to be an inevitable part of the carpal tunnel surgery recovery process.

Once a month has passed after the carpal tunnel surgery it is necessary that you exercise your wrist and hand gently. This will hasten the healing process more and more. However, doctors advise all patients to practice gentle exercise of their hand and wrist. Over exertion of pressure and force will only worsen the condition. The exercise should be limited to gentle finger flexing and fist flexing exercises. With the passage of time your wrist and hands will regain strength and will become strong enough to do day to day chores without any discomfort. Thus, you will be spared of all the irritating symptoms of the carpal tunnel condition. It should be noted that before you begin with regular exercise you should consult your physician or take the assistance of a physiotherapist. Do not start exercising without consulting your doctor as any wrong movement might result in complications. The carpal tunnel condition is not actually a very serious condition and if proper treatment is done then the condition can be healed quickly and easily.